Chatbots- the missing link for businesses in 2019

Artificial Intelligence for Business 

The main purpose behind humans’ struggle for AI (Artificial Intelligence) has always been the replacement of manual labor in order to cut down on cost, time and human errors. And here we are in 2019 whereby this concept is being implemented in its true sense in the business sector by way of incorporating Chatbots with various business channels.



Although, Chatbots are becoming of broad and current interest; the fact of the matter is that they have been around for quite some time and are known to different groups by different names, such as “Chatterbot”, “Talkbot”, “Bot”, “IM bot”, “Interactive Agent” or “Artificial Conversation Entity”. But regardless of their synonyms, Chatbots are basically application programs which are built with the integration of AI and have in them the ability to carry out automated interactions in the most humanlike manner possible with verbal expressions or texts. That way, one can simply look at Chatbots as interactive applications enabled to communicate with humans whilst being prompt.


Embedding Chatbots into other apps.

With digital marketing at its prime, owners of both small and large scale businesses are making use of messaging applications like Facebook Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, etc as mediums of transactions for their customers. Thus, embedding Chatbots into these channels can certainly help business owners in terms of streamlining their customer support.


How Chatbots streamline customer support?

“Customer is the king”, they say.  Hence, for any business owner keeping the customers satisfied regardless of the size of their business means a steady retention of customers. This is where Chatbots prove most effective.

Having Chatbots embedded into the various messaging apps you use to interact with your customers is equal to having a round the clock auto-response system which will take all the information it has collected on its own as well as the feeds you have uploaded into them such as answers to the generally asked questions about your products and services to answer any queries your customers might have about you. As a result, both customer satisfaction and customer retention are ensured. And you can save more time for other use such as improving your products and services.


Other benefits of Chatbots

For any business of any scale, keeping the operational cost in check is another factor that determines their success in the long run. Even along this particular perspective, Chatbots can prove to be extremely beneficial because having to hire less or no assistance of call agents for your business can bring a huge reduction in terms of your operational cost.


Complexities involving Chatbots

While the idea of powering your business with AI by means of incorporating Chatbots seems appealing; it is not free from complexities nonetheless. Due to its complex area, the AI we see today is just an augmented form and it is still under constant development. Thus, the fruits we can reap off of Chatbots depend merely on the how well we build and program them according to our needs.


Turning your aspiration for Chatbots into reality with “BO”

After taking all the aforementioned complexities under consideration, the people here at BERYL8 have come up with BO– an automated customer support that can not only be integrated with messaging apps such as LINE, Facebook Messenger and other chat applications with open API but also support as many languages since it is powered by Google. Also, one unique feature that sets BO apart is that it allows you to build your own Chatbot suitable for your business with no coding required, drag-and-drop user interface, and easy-to-use workflows.


With this technology added to your working process, Chatbot should be the key to help reduce workloads and help shorten the customer service or online sales cycle. This, as a result, helps secure the customer satisfaction with your company and your brand.